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Parent Resources:

Social stories help children to better understand their world and to prepare them for daily activities. They help to simplify the parts of the world that a child may find difficult to comprehend and prepares them during a time that may be overwhelming. In this time of unpredictability, here is a social story to help your child better understand the Coronavirus. Click the link below to download and save this social story.

Coronavirus Social Story

Visual schedules and routines can help children transition between various preferred and non-preferred activities throughout the day. We realize it can be a challenging time right now with the unpredictability of day to day life. As humans, we perform best with a routine. The staff at Creative Development, LLC created a sample schedule for you to modify and adapt to fit the needs of you and your child at home. Each day does not need to consist of the same activities. However, be sure to maintain a consistent wake-up time, bed time, and meal times. The other activities can be moved around with more flexibility. Clink the link below to download and save this visual schedule.

Coronavirus At Home Visual Schedule

With the help of some of our friends, Ms. Carrie, Ms. Jenna, and Ms. Brooke, we put together a Family Yoga video for you and your family to complete in the home. We are so proud of their hard work. This video is child-led and a great way to get your children moving in the home or outside. Yoga can work on a variety of OT, PT, and SLP goals such as gross motor coordination, sequencing, organization, motor planning, regulation, expressive language, and more! If you complete the video, please share any videos, photos or comments with us!

Watch the video by clicking here: Family Yoga at Home

DIY Games at Home is a great way to engage your children in fun activities while working on fine motor, gross motor, and executive functioning skills. With the help of a friend and Ms. Brooke, we put together a DIY Twister Game for you and your family to create! If you complete this video, please share any video, photos, or comments with us! 

Watch the video by clicking here: DIY Twister Game

With the help of one of our speech therapists, Ms. Jenna, and one of our occupational therapists, Ms. Sarah, we have created a Weekday Daily Activity for you and your family at home! Each day of the week is a different activity or challenge. We hope this resource is helpful for you and your family. We would love to see pictures of your child engaging in any of these activities! Send your pictures to or tag us on Instagram or Facebook.

Download the Daily Activities by clicking here: Daily Activities For Home

Telehealth services are OT, PT, and SLP services provided through a virtual program. During this time of unpredictability, we are offering Telehealth services. Please contact or 860-284-9779 if you are interested in these services! In preparation for Telehealth services, click the link below for a social story to read with your child to better understand the expectations of this new mode of service. 

Download the Social Story by clicking here: Telehealth Social Story

Happy April Fool’s Day! We created some coloring pages, word searches, and word scrambles for you and your children to complete on this silly day. When coloring, use small crayons to improve grasp and in-hand manipulation skills. The word searches and word scrambles will help to work on visual scanning, letter recognition, and even following directions. These performance skills will help to improve participation in daily activities such as writing, reading, and even getting dressed!

Download the activities by clicking here: April Fools Day Activities 

With the help of one of our occupational therapists and certified health coach, Ms. Laurie, shared a few activities on our “Mindfulness: Sight and Sound” video. “Mindfulness is being aware, paying attention, to the present moment. We know in the present moment what our bodies feel like… are we calm? are we happy? are we angry? It is being aware of now. It is not worrying about tomorrow. It is not thinking about yesterday.” – Ms. Laurie. Your mindfulness impacts how you participate in your daily activities and impacts your level of arousal and regulation! These activities will help you with your mindfulness. 

Watch the video by clicking here: Mindfulness with Sight and Sound

Slow-down with Yoga is a video created with the help of one of our  occupational therapists and certified health coach, Ms. Laurie! Yoga is a great activity to help keep our bodies regulated and strong. 

Watch the video by clicking here: Slow-Down with Yoga 

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