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Creative Development continues to offer Professional Development Programming to a variety of communities and continuously strives to stay connected/collaborate with as many professionals as possible working with children. The community outreach and collaboration among all professionals in order to assist children with becoming successful, independent members of their community.

The following Professional Workshop Series has been developed for various Professionals within the community:

  • Promoting overall development of the young child: Importance of tummy time & promotion of exploration for better success with sensory processing and visual motor development
  • The Impact of Visual and Sensory Processing Dysfunction in Children: A Holistic Approach
  • Social Skills Training throughout childhood
  • The Sensory Smart Classroom: Activities & Environmental Accommodations
  • Sensory Diets: How to embed activities throughout the child’s day in in all contexts
  • Promotion of Independence through Assistive Technology
  • Promotion of Fitness/Nutrition for the wellbeing of the child
  • Feeding time Fun! Encouragement of independent self-feeding and eating in childhood

Please call 860-284-9779 or email to collaborate or to schedule a Workshop!