Occupational Therapy Services promote improved independence in meaningful daily activities through holistic treatment and assessment in:

  • Sensory processing skills
  • Visual motor integration/visual perception
  • Core strengthening
  • Fine motor/manipulation skills
  • Organizational skills
  • Social Participation
  • Praxis
  • Self Help/Life Skills training
  • Parent/Client home education
  • SIPT evaluation

Physical Therapy Services promotes independence in physical activity, strength and endurance in daily life through holistic treatment/assessment

    Speech Language Pathology Services promotes independence in use of language within daily life through holistic treatment/assessment in:

    • Receptive/Expressive language
    • PROMPT therapy
    • Treatment for motor speech disorders
    • Pragmatics Training

    Fitness promotes fitness, nutrition, weight management, core strengthening and activities for daily life for students of all abilities

    • 1:1 instruction in fitness
    • 4:1 ratio groups taught with OT/fitness

    Additional Programs/Individualized Groups:

      Please call for more information to inquire about payment and funding for these services. Group based services are available based on clients needs and are put together individually in order to maximize individualistic needs of each client

    • OT/SLP intensive sessions
    • OT/PT or OT/SLP co-treatment sessions
    • Life Skills
    • After school life skills programs for Adolescents/Young Adults
    • Pre-k/Kindergarten Readiness
    • Functional Handwriting Group
    • Reading/Vision Group
    • Social Participation
    • Fitness Groups
    • Helping the “Clumsy” Child
    • Pre-k/K screenings
    • School/in home consultations
    • Parent consultation
    • School Consultations/Consultations with Professsionals
    • Parent Advocacy
    • Educational seminars
    • Community Based evaluations and treatment for childdren and adults with developmental disabilities
    • Pediatric Home Healthcare
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