Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, Physical Therapy, Fitness, Social Skills and Advocacy

Creative Development, LLC provides innovative services for children with a variety of needs and abilities.

Our staff currently provides services for individuals from infancy through adulthood, who may be struggling with their daily activities such as playing, having friendships and taking care of themselves. Children who benefit from these services may include but are not limited to: Children diagnosed with:

  • autism spectrum disorders
  • neurological impairments
  • sensory processing dysfunction
  • developmental delay
  • various other impairments which impact participation in activities of daily living

We currently provide individual, school , community and group based services in and outside of our private therapy clinic.

Therapy services and programs are provided within a safe, child centered atmosphere at our clinic located at 30 Avon Meadow Lane in Avon, CT. As well, therapy services are provided at schools, homes, and other community sites in order to meet the various environmental contexts which the child and their family experience daily. Comprehensive assessments, individualized intervention programs and consultation services are designed and implemented by our highly trained staff who have expertise in a variety of holistic treatment modalities.


We are located at 30 Avon Meadow Lane in Avon, conveniently located next to Riverdale Farms with the rail trail in our backyard! When the weather is nice, we explore the outdoors, take a trip to Riverdale Farms and utilize the trail! For Closings due to inclement weather please go to www.nbc30.com "School Closings/Delays." Our voicemail will also be updated for closings. Thank you!

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